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  • To ensure efficient training for our entire staff, we acquired this course which allows individuals to learn at their own pace and convenience. This flexible and cost-effective solution offers accredited courses that guarantee quality training. We are pleased to say that the online system has met all our expectations.

    Fiona Senior Clinical Education Lecturer
  • These courses have been incorporated into our staff training as a requirement. They allow us to fulfill our legal responsibilities in terms of protecting children, ensuring their safety, maintaining food hygiene standards, and providing first aid. Our staff members unanimously agree that the child protection and safeguarding courses effectively reinforce their duties towards the children under their supervision.

    David Director Of Education
  • This training program fulfills the criteria set by Ofsted, providing substantial evidence of knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend it to other educational institutions.

    Peter Education Welfare Officer
  • With its flexibility, valuable topics, and useful management reporting, the courses have received positive feedback from Ofsted. Moreover, the cost is reasonable. I highly recommend them.

    Daniel Teacher
  • The training course was straightforward to comprehend, and the combination of narration and text made it even more accessible. Completing the training on a computer felt like having a one-to-one training session. I would highly recommend this training to my colleagues.

    Christopher Special Education Class Teacher
  • The content was of high quality, with a well-balanced pace that maintained my interest throughout. It prompted me to reflect on certain areas of our recruitment process that have room for improvement.

    Diane Senior Clinical Education Lecturer
  • The training provided is excellent and the content is relevant, making it easy to understand. The system is efficient and ensures that staff members receive their certification immediately after successfully completing the test. Thank you!

    Graham Director Of Education
  • The course provided valuable information that made me realise the need for an update. Consequently, I have taken the initiative to order a first aid book to enhance our knowledge and stay up to date.

    Alison Special Education Class Teacher
  • The course was efficiently structured with clear guidance on navigating the materials. There was ample motivation provided for correct answers.

    Suzanne Education Mentor
  • The course provided a user-friendly interface and included regular learning assessments, which greatly benefited my team members.

    Zahid Education Welfare Officer
  • I highly recommend the safeguarding children online course to anyone who works with children or has a role in safeguarding them. It is a comprehensive and well-structured course that will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect children from online dangers and other forms of abuse. Thank you for providing such an excellent course.

    Stanley Education Welfare Officer
  • The online courses have been successfully completed by the teaching staff. Each member expressed their satisfaction and couldn't have asked for more. They highly recommend it.

    Julia Director Of Education
  • The courses were easy to allocate, and cost effective. A++++

    Ronnie Edcuation Recruitment Consultant
  • My team was immensely pleased with their online training. They had the opportunity to review various subjects, such as safeguarding and identifying intricate matters within the classroom.

    Hayley Senior Clinical Education Lecturer
  • Our staff underwent a mental health course, which provided them with a wealth of valuable information and proved to be truly enlightening.

    Carter Education Welfare Officer
  • The website proved to be highly user-friendly, allowing for effortless navigation and easy course allocation.

    Penelope Director Of Education
  • I'm a bit of a technological Dinosaur when it comes to online learning, the customer service staff aided me every step of the way, very kind and considerate. Will use again. Thanks

    Tobias Edcuation Recruitment Consultant
  • The staff members have recently undergone training and have been updated on the significance of risk assessments during school trips. Many thanks

    Rebecca Senior Clinical Education Lecturer
  • The mandatory courses on offer were very valuable to our organisation. Very satisfied

    Madiha Education Welfare Officer
  • I decided to upskill the staff on how to prevent bullying within their settings, they were all left satisfied and felt like the training was a huge benefit to them, highly recommend, thank you Training Hub!

    Shareef Director Of Education
  • This course is highly beneficial as it effectively showcases the significance of managing Asbestos, including its history, various types, methods, and the importance of prevention to ensure the safety of everyone, including myself.

    Alun Education Welfare Officer
  • This course has provided me with a better understanding of SEND, which will benefit me in supporting my grandchildren and son, as well as in my role as a school support worker.

    Berin SEND Education Support worker
  • The learning materials provided in this course were just right for me. They were neither too short nor too lengthy. I can't wait to apply the knowledge gained here to assist children in the classroom.

    Catherine Teaching Assistant
  • Gaining an understanding of the child's SEND needs was a valuable experience. The provided content was helpful in grasping practical approaches, and the inclusion of strategies and case studies further enhanced understanding of the child's specific challenges.

    Peter SEND Education Support Worker Assistant
  • The course has equipped me with a wide range of information that I can incorporate into my teaching practice to ensure that I meet the specific needs of my learners.

    Steven Teacher
  • The training was excellent, with clear explanations and a wealth of valuable information that I can share with my headteacher. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of links to websites and agencies for additional and more comprehensive information.

    George Teacher
  • The First Aid course provided me with valuable knowledge and insights. It was highly informative and focused on specific details. As a result, I now feel more self-assured in my ability to administer First Aid. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and enhance my skills.

    Lisa Religious Education (R.E) Teacher
  • This course was outstanding and incredibly educational. I have learnt a lot of knowledge that will greatly contribute to my responsibilities within the charity I am involved with.

    Robert Education Mentor
  • The content was of great significance to my job as it presented a variety of scenarios suitable for different age groups, making it highly useful.

    Jonathan Special Education Class Teacher
  • The content provided a wide range of scenarios tailored to various age groups, which proved highly beneficial in my professional capacity.

    Edward Edcuation Recruitment Consultant
  • Happy a dinosaur like me can have their eyes open to the potential hazards in schools and educational facilities in evidently making sure students can express themselves in a safe environment.

    John Special Education Class Teacher
  • A good insight to the values of reporting and recording even minor incidents to prevent re occurrence or larger incidents.

    Edith Religious Education (R.E) Teacher
  • I think this course would benefit all who work in schools with children.

    Oliver Education Welfare Officer
  • Good introduction and overview to administering medication, clear and concise information given. Easy to use and follow.

    Arabella SEND Education Support Worker Assistant
  • Easy to follow lots of basic common sense information but gets you thinking about your surroundings and the role you need to play. Useful fire extinguisher chart.

    Harvey SEND Education Support worker
  • I found the training informative and easy to understand. It related specifically to schools and covered the areas I wanted to know more about.

    Hafsa Teaching Assistant
  • I will feel confident during a fire after doing this course.

    Yusuf Teacher
  • After doing the mindfulness training, i realise that it will help me to feel , more positive, grow in confidence and improve my skill among many other benefits.

    Gwen Education Mentor
  • I just completed the Mindfulness course. It gave a good overview of how to deal with the stress and negative thoughts of everyday life and how to refocus my energy and thoughts to a more positive place, through some useful simple exercises that can be utilise anytime and anywhere. Even just watching the video was calming and therapeutic.

    Jenson Special Education Class Teacher
  • The training covered all the topics required for administering regular medication in school. Was great as a supplement to Epi-Pen and Asthma training for more specific needs.

    Claudia SEND Education Support worker

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